-When I order Ahi, What is “Seared” and what is “Well Done”?

“Seared” and “Well Done” is the doneness of your fish. For seared, we lightly cook the outsides of the the ahi and the middle is raw. Well done is cooked all the way through.

-Do I have to pay online when I place an order online?

Yes. We require orders to be payed online before the order is sent through. This is to prevent fraudulent orders.

-Do I need to print my confirmation receipt in order to pick up my order?

We do require to see your confirmation order to verify your order number. You may pick up your order with your confirmation receipt via electronically i.e., on your smart phone, mobile devices, etc., or printed copies.

-What if I don’t have or lost my confirmation receipt?

Losing or misplacing your confirmation receipt will delay your pick up time. You will need to confirm with us either your ORDER ID#, exact order placed, or credit card paid with.

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